Bay Area Male Involvement Network

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About Us




The Bay Area Male Involvement Network was founded in 1993 by the late Stan Seiderman in collaboration with

Dr. James Levine.  In 1996, grants from the Hewlett Foundation enabled BAMIN to expand to fifteen agencies.  During that time, the agencies met on a bi-monthly basis to share resources, create a Male Involvement Curriculum used in Community College Early Childhood Education classes, and sponsor five annual conferences for fathers and professional practitioners working with children and families.  A main goal of the curriculum, the conferences and the Network meetings was to continue to work on changing the culture of agencies to be inclusive of all men involved in the lives of children, including fathers, staff and other significant men in the lives of children. In 2009 BAMIN continues to be both a regional and national presence working in collaborates, providing technical assistance to child development agencies and college level Early Childhood Education classes and curriculum.


For the past 6 years, BAMIN has been funded by the Marin Community Foundation to work with fathers in Marin County as part of their Ending the Cycle of Poverty program.  Believing that social support and parent education are key ingredients in enabling men to be responsible fathers, BAMIN’s work now includes financial literacy as a key part of its curriculum.




Since 2005, Ray Capper has been the director of BAMIN.  Ray brings 17 years of experience as a Presbyterian Pastor, and another 20 years in social work, mostly working in the Latino community.   He is the proud father of 2 daughters and 3 grandsons and is fluent in Spanish.


In spring of 2011, Ray invited James Rodriguez, CEO of Fathers & Families Coalition of America to assist BAMIN into becoming a stronger, more vital presence in Northern California.  With James’ help and expertise, we look forward to building a strong network of agencies and professionals, that can help further the potential of fathers and families in the Bay Area and beyond.